Secure mail

Donatella Cinelli Colombini's company by carrying out existing regulations of the law,  has a Certified Mail (PEC) mailbox  with the following address:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

WARNING: you can send an email to a PEC mailbox only from another PEC address. All communications from e standard email addresses (non-PEC) will be automatically discarded by the system. The cause of this behaviour is intrinsic to the legal value assigned to the PEC device so it is not a company choice.

The Certified email is an email system in which the sender is provided with electronic documentation with legally valid, that proves the sending and delivery of electronic documents. "Certifying" the sending and receiving, the two moments fundamental moments in transmitting electronic documents signifies providing the sender, from your from your email client, a receipt which is legal proof of transmission of the message and of any attached documentation.

Similarly, when the message reaches the recipient, the email client sends the sender a receipt of delivery (or failure to deliver) with precise time stamp. In the event that the sender loses the receipts, the electronic traces of the operations performed, preserved by law for a period of 30 months, allows the reproduction, with the same legal value, of the receipts themselves.

A citizen or a company that has its own certified e-mail address can use this tool to send notices and other correspondence by certified email to Donatella Cinelli Colombini.

The transmission has the same value as normal registered post.
** Both the sender and the receiver must have a PEC mail box.**

If the sender does not have a PEC mailbox but only a regular email address, his transmissions do not have the same value as regular registered post.

The certified mail service is used as the standard e-mail via local programme or via the web with webmail.
The service uses secure protocols. All communications are encrypted and protected and digitally signed. For this you will always be sure that messages sent or received can not be counterfeited.
Legal value
Unlike traditional e-mail, the PEC is recognized as having full legal value and the receipts can be used as proof of sending, receiving and even the content of the message sent. The main information concerning the transmission and delivery are retained by the operator for 30 months and these too are enforceable against third parties.